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Rare Books and More

About Books in Special Collections

Rare Books

Rare Book Collections: The Colleges' rare book collections have their origins in a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, books purchased for Hobart College's library as well as items from the personal collections of Benjamin Hale, John Milton Potter, and Warren Hunting Smith. The collections span the fifteenth to late twentieth centuries, with items published in New York, New England, and the Middle Atlantic States, as well as England, France, and other European countries.

Local History

Local History Collection: The Archives collects books on the history of Geneva, Ontario County, and the Finger Lakes Region as part of the Geneva Collection.  The collection also includes Geneva city directories.

Faculty Publications

Faculty and Alumni/ae Publications: The Seneca Collection includes faculty publications, select alumni and alumnae publications, and books on the history of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.  College publications and yearbooks are also included.

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