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Elizabeth Blackwell Resources Available in HWS Archives

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Hobart and William Smith Colleges Archives
Warren Hunting Smith Library
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Geneva, NY 14456

Creator: Hobart and William Smith Colleges Archives
Title: Elizabeth Blackwell Resources
Dates: 1849 -- 1991
Quantity: 0.7 cubic feet

Resources in the Hobart and William Smith Colleges Archives that relate to Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive her degree as a Doctor of Medicine in the United States.

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Identification: SC.61
Language: The records are in English.

Detailed Description of the Collection

1 92B56 Clipping from Time magazine. "Daughters for Harvard", p.90, includes photo. 10/9/1944
92B56a Article on the 150th anniversary exhibit of the birth of Elizabeth,Blackwell, M.D. by the U.S. Library of Congress taken from LC Information Bulletin, vol. 29, no. 52. 12/31/1970
92B56b2 Article in The Columbian Magazine entitled “Lyndhurst” written by Blackwell, Vol 5, June 1846, p 274-278, [photo copy, badly blurred], 6/1846
92B56b4 Article in the Ohio History entitled “A Lost Portrait: Frank Duveneck Paints Elizabeth Blackwell”, 1976
92 B 56b5 Article in The Philanthropist, Vol VIII, No. 9, September 1893, entitled “Legal Enactments in Relation to Vice” written by Blackwell. [photocopy], 1893
92 B 56b6 Article in The Philanthropist, Vol VI, No. 12, December 1891, entitled “Cruelty and Lust—Appeal to Women” written by Blackwell.[photocopy], 1891
92 B 56b7 Article in The Philanthropist, June 1896,entitled “English Experience and Purity Work” written by Blackwell. [photocopy], 1896
92 B 56b8 Article in Modern Review entitled “Medicine and Morality” written by Blackwell.[photocopy] , 10/1881
92 B 56b9 Article in Pennsylvania History p. 335- 347, entitled “A Stick to Break Our Heads with: Elizabeth Blackwell and Philadelphia Medicine” by Nancy Sahli. [photocopy], 1977
92 B 56b10 Article in the Bulletin of History of Medicine p 603- 628, entitled “The Blackwell Medical Society and the Professionalization of Women Physicians” by Ellen More. [photocopy], 1987
92 B 56b 11 Article entitled “Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell: Determination Helped Her Break Medical Barriers For Women”by Laura Diggs Joyner, taken from Investor’s Business Daily. [photocopy], 3/10/1991
92 B 56b 12 Blackwell, Elizabeth. The Laws of Life. New York: G.P. Putnam, [book], 1852
92 B 56 b12a The Laws of Life. Promotional brochure for first reprinting., 1988
92 B 56d Photostat copy of Elizabeth Blackwell’s diploma., 1849
92 B 56di Clipping from Glasgow Herald concerning Elizabeth Blackwell and the presentation of her diploma to Queen Margaret College., 10/26/19??
92 B 56dj Article on Elizabeth Blackwell from The Woman Physician entitled “ Citizen and Humanitarian” by Eugene P. Link, Ph.D. (vol. 26, no. 9, p. 451-58), 9/1971
92 B 56f Article about the film entitled “The First Woman Doctor” starring Irene Dunn., 1940
92 B 56g Article from The Geneva Gazette By and for the Alumnae of William Smith College. Vol I, No. 1, entitled “Elizabeth Blackwell Returns”, 2/7/1955
92 B 56m Sympathy and science: Women physicians in American medicine by Regina Markell Morantz-Sanchez. Oxford Uninversity Press, 1987.[photocopy] Also miscellaneous clippings and biographical information concerning Elizabeth Blackwell., undated
92 B 56m2 Newspaper clipping by Jim Bishop in the Washington D.C. Evening Star., entitled "The name was Blackwell...Dr. Liz Blackwell." [photocopy], 1/10/1964
92 B 56n Correspondence between librarian and Columbia Pictures Corp. about Blackwell and the Geneva Medical Institution., 1940-48
  92 B 56p Person of the year award given to Elizabeth Blackwell by Cobblestone: The History Magazine for Young People. (v.7, no.6, p. 43), 1986
  92 B 56q Old News, May & June 2003. "Woman Attends Medical School" by Michael Fuller.
2 92 B 56r "Elizabeth Blackwell: physician and activist" research paper by Donna J.F. Coldwell for Arcadia University, 1998.
  92 B 56xd Article in the Daily Union, Washington, D.C. concerning an American Doctress: Miss Blackwell arrives in Paris., 6/27/1849
92 B 56xg Material copied from various sources on Elizabeth Blackwell by the Geneva Historical Society. , undated
92 B 56xh Script for “The Eleventh Ward: The Story of the First Woman Doctor” produced by Fred Coe, directed by Delbert Mann at the Goodyear television playhouse., 11/25/1951
92 B 56xn Article in the supplement to the New York Weekly Tribune about the admission of Elizabeth Blackwell to Geneva Medical College., 1/29/1848
92 B 56xp Article from Parade, “More Women Doctors,” that mentions Elizabeth Blackwell and includes her picture. , 9/8/1974
92 B 56xpL “Playhouse 90” presents story of first woman doctor: The Blackwell story, on CBS television. Press release from CBS television concerning the production., 2/28/1957
92 B 56xr Pamphlet entitled “The Women’s Archives: Radcliffe College: a research library relating to the historical contributions of American women” by Elizabeth B. Borden. Includes a piece on Elizabeth Blackwell., undated
92 B 56xs 1 Elizabeth Blackwell stamps, First Day Cover envelopes, pamphlet advocating stamp, press release, and clippings , 1974
92 B 56xs 2 Information surrounding the Elizabeth Blackwell stamp’s First Day of Issue ceremonies, luncheon, invitations, and programs., 1974
3 92 B 56xs 3

HWS Board of Trustees resolution, correspondence, and press releases concerning the Elizabeth Blackwell stamp and ceremonies., 1971-81

92 B 56ya Article in Modern Medicine, “Our first woman doctor”, 1/11/1971
92 B 56yg Article in Prologue entitled “Women Physicians in the Civil War” written by Mercedes Graf. (Summer of 2000, vol. 32, No. 2), 2000
92 B 56yj Elizabeth Blackwell and her Alma Mater; the story in Malcolm Sanders Johnson, 1947 [29p. book]
92 B 56yr An eye witness account of Elizabeth Blackwell’s graduation with an introduction by Wendell Tripp taken from New York History vol. 43, no. 2 p 182-185., 5/1962
92 B 56ys Material related to Kilmun, Scotland where she is buried., undated
92 B 6zb Article about Elizabeth Blackwell from Journal of American Medical Association., 12/16/1961
92 B 56zc Article about the 100th celebration of Elizabeth Blackwell’s graduation from the Medical Institute of Geneva College in 1849 by Erle E.Snelgrove., 1949
Copies from main Archive collection,
3 G BX 5995 .P3 A3 William Paret’s reminiscences mentioning Elizabeth Blackwell on p. 31- 32., ca. 1911
Scope and Contents
Prepared copy of relevant pages/ Book can be found in Geneva Collection.
al file Sy 69 h Article from The Medical Record by Brandreth Symonds (H. 1881). Hobart College and the medical profession. Mentions Elizabeth Blackwell on pages 7-9, undated
mss file wo Article taken from The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on Elizabeth Blackwell’s induction to the Women’s Hall of Fame at Eisenhower College on Aug. 26, 1973., 8/27/1973
mss file wo 2 Article taken from The Geneva Times on the musical highlights Women’s Hall of Fame induction, at Eisenhower College Aug. 26, 1973 where Elizabeth Blackwell was honored., 8/27/1973
PSS Fall 1994 Photographs and article surrounding the research and creative process involved in the creation of the Elizabeth Blackwell sculpture., 1994
Rt S1 shelf 3 Doctoral dissertation by Elizabeth Blackwell, undated
From Letter file,
3 1958.9.17 Letter to Dr. Hirshson concerning a copy of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell’s autobiography which Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell will present to Mrs. Mellon., 9/17/1958
1964.5.24 Correspondence concerning Elizabeth Blackwell and the book “They dared to be doctors.”, 1964
1965,4,11 Letter from student in Ghana asking Elizabeth Blackwell to send him medical books.
1969.8.25 Correspondence concerning information for a book to be published on Elizabeth Blackwell., 8/25/1969
1994.12.6 Correspondence between Clise and Hegyi regarding the listing of Elizabeth Blackwell in the 1909-10 Geneva street directory spoofing archival “discoveries.”, 1994
Images from the main Archives collection.,
4 phot box m 15 Photograph of summer home at York Cliffs, Maine, “Seawold.” Elizabeth Blackwell visited in Oct. 1906., 1906
phot file h 7m Photograph of Elizabeth Blackwell’s house. Sussex, England., 1960
phot file h 7n Photo of the Royal Free Hospital of Medicine, London, where Elizabeth Blackwell taught gynecology., 1960
phot file h 7.02 Photo of the church and cemetery where Elizabeth Blackwell in buried in Holyloch, Scotland., undated
phot file h 70 Kilmun pier, Holyloch, Scotland where Elizabeth Blackwell spent her summers and is buried., undated
phot file p 12 b2 Portrait of Elizabeth Blackwell., undated
phot file p 12 b3 Portrait of Elizabeth Blackwell., undated
phot file p 12 b4 Photo of the portrait of Elizabeth Blackwell painted by Eda Hirshson., undated
phot file p 12 b5 Photo of the portrait which hangs in Blackwell House., undated
phot file p 12 b6 Portrait used on the 1st day cover of Elizabeth Blackwell stamp., undated
phot file p 12 b7 Photo of Elizabeth Blackwell., undated
phot file p 12 b8 Photo of Blackwell and Stone families., undated
phot file p 12 b9 Photo of the portrait of Elizabeth Blackwell, which hangs in Blackwell, undated
phot file p 12 b10 Photos of statue of Elizabeth Blackwell; completed in September 1994, 1994
phot file p 12 b11 Women’s History vol.1, no.1. 100 American Women Who Made a Difference. Elizabeth Blackwell’s portrait on page 32., undated
phot file p 12 b12 Photo of the bronze statue of Elizabeth Blackwell sculpted by Ted Aub, 1994
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