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How does downloading work in JSTOR?


Entire book:

The only way to download an entire book in JSTOR is one chapter and/or section at a time.

Chapter or pages:

For chapters or pages of books from JSTOR, you will be able to download PDF versions that can be easily read with Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

NOTE: There are NO limits to how much of a title you may download. And the downloaded chapters and pages do NOT expire.

Downloads in JSTOR


Type of download


Additional software needed

Loan/usage period

Account needed?

File format

Entire ebook


any PDF reader

no expiration

no, but must be signed in via HWS 




any PDF reader

no expiration 

no, but must be signed in via HWS


Downloading entire ebooks in JSTOR

Downloads of JSTOR are of chapters, sections, introductions. All are in PDF format:


You'll be able to read your PDF in most browsers. You can also read your file offline with any PDF reader -- the most common is Adobe Acrobat Reader:



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