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ECON 198: Business Law (Kinne)

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Nexis Uni

International News, Company Information, Law Review Articles, and Legal Cases

Search Tips:

  • Use AND to search for words that MUST be in your search, Ex: eviction AND moratorium

  • Use OR to search for synonyms, Ex: landlord OR "property owner"

  • Wildcard! - regulat! - searches for regulate, regulations, regulatory

  • “quotation marks” – search for an exact phrase, Ex: “eviction moratorium”

  • Search within a specific section of a document – go to Advanced Options – Build your own segment search – select a segment – Ex: ABSTRACT(eviction w/5 moratorium).

  • When searching for legal citations be sure to copy the citation exactly, including punctuation

Databases for Business

Specialized Data

Google Scholar

Try Google Scholar for Case Law