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MDSC 203: History of Television (Shafer)


Getting Started

You may easily navigate this guide by using the tabs to your left. The 4S Project tab contains helpful secondary sources. These are the sources that you will use to find inroads to the unique television moments that you will focus on in your project, whether it be people, events, or scenes. The All Things Television tab is a roadmap to finding the actual television shows that you may want to watch and refer to in your project. Finally, the Getting Organized with Zotero, a citation manager, will help you as your group begins to collect citations for your bibliography.

How Do You Get Your News?

How Do You Get Your News?
Regional Channels: 1 votes (7.14%)
Social Media: 9 votes (64.29%)
My Roku: 0 votes (0%)
No News is Good News: 0 votes (0%)
My Spectrum Bundle: 0 votes (0%)
Yahoo: 0 votes (0%)
Over the Fence: 0 votes (0%)
NPR: 1 votes (7.14%)
Apple News: 1 votes (7.14%)
Newspaper: 2 votes (14.29%)
Total Votes: 14

Funny Ladies

Great Secondary Sources

HINT: Both of these titles are available in print and ebook format!