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MDSC 203: History of Television (Shafer)

Tips for Using the Course Guide

1. Use the tabs at top of the guide to find books, articles and film footage
related to your programming stream.

2. Create a Zotero group to get yourselves ready to gather sources

3.  Use the mind mapping tool in Credo Reference to find background information on the programming stream that you've been assigned.

4.  The article databases tab will give you some ideas of what scholars have already discussed relating to the programming stream that you've been assigned.  

5.  Consider books as well as articles. Try browsing in the television section on the 3rd floor in the PN1992 range.  Or search by subject heading. 

Television programs -- United States -- History.

Television actors and actresses -- United States -- History.

6.  Make follow-up research appointments as you go along.


"Are You Ready for Television?" (ca.1944).  Allen B. DuMont Laboratories, Inc.  Published in New Yorker magazine.  Electronic image courtesy of Duke University's digital collection Ad*Access (

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