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Mental Health and Wellness


Are you in a crisis? Call 1-800-273-8255 or Text HELLO to 741741.

Why is there stigma surrounding mental health issues?Comic with examples of not-so helpful advice about illness (links to the original comic)

Stigma comes from misconceptions and inaccurate stereotypes about what mental illness is. Stigma can also come from fear. Stigma occurs in many places, it can be something that people feel about someone else who is struggling with their mental health, it can be something one feels towards themselves, and it can be baked into the systems and institutions around us.

One way to overcome stigma is to talk about mental health and to ask questions. The better our understanding the easier it is to see that mental health is treatable and that everyone deserves to be listened to and treated with respect.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Website (1-800-273-8255)

HWS Counseling Center: 

Phone: (315) 781-3388
(for crisis services select option 1)

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In Crisis? Text HELLO to 741741. Free, 24/7, confidential crisis support by text. Crisis Text Line.