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Off-Campus Access to Library Resources


When off-campus you should be able to use our EZproxy service to login with your HWS credentials and access library resources. 


1.)  From the library's homepage, navigate to the database, electronic journal, or full-text article you need.  Use the "SingleSearch" bar to search the majority of the library's resources in one place:

2.)  Click the link to access the resource.  For example:

3.)  After clicking the link, you'll be redirected to a login screen.  Provide your HWS network username and password to access your resource:

4.)  If you're having trouble accessing specific journals or articles, please contact us with as many details as possible.


*Please note that VPN connection can sometimes cause issues with library resource connections (EZProxy).  If this occurs, please contact us.


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There are several ways to access, read, save, print and download ebooks. There may be limits to how long you can access a downloaded book, how many pages you can print, etc.  These limits vary depending on collection, file format, etc.

HINT: Unless you anticipate not having access to wifi, we generally recommend that you read entire ebooks online and save them to an online location for later access. It can be complicated to download and install the necessary software for offline reading of entire ebooks.

If you only need portions of books, it is generally pretty simple to download pages or chapters in PDF files for offline reading.

Please access the full ebook guide here.


Google Scholar

If you are Off-Campus, set your Google Scholar preferences under settings, library links:

HathiTrust Digital Library