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PHIL 210: Radical Philosophies of Race and Racism (Covarrubias-Cabeza)

News Sources

In your hunt for news about your country or issue these databases are all good places to start.

Data Sources

Social Explorer is all about mapping data, you'll probably want to explore the World Development Indicators map (at the bottom of the homepage). Statista on the other hand is all about graphs; here the Country Reports and the Country Outlooks will get you started.

Freedom House has lots of information about expanding democracy. If you are looking at countries in Asia or Europe the Asian Development Bank or Eurostat will have data for you. The OECD and the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index have data related to inequality and corruption. 

Video Resources

We have many resources for finding video related to your country or issue. Latin America in Video is the first place to start, and expanding to Academic Video Online is a good second move.

Journal Article Databases

These databases are very broad and have articles about most topics, so they are a great place to start.

Primary Source Materials

Slavery, Abolition, and Social Justice is a great place to find primary source materials related to these topics, both historically and continuing into the present.