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Tricia McEldowney

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Tricia McEldowney

Tricia is the Colleges’ Archivist and Special Collections Librarian. She earned her master’s degree in public history at Wright State University. Tricia is passionate about helping students explore archival materials and discover the history of the place where they live and learn. She believes it is important to understand where we came from so we can better understand where we are today.

Tricia is a fervent fan of the Cleveland Browns and all things Harry Potter.

Teaching Strategies:
Tricia understands that archival research can be intimidating to students who have not previously encountered these materials. Whenever possible, Tricia prefers to bring students and classes to the archives. She believes that first time and returning student researchers benefit greatly from a hands-on approach to exploring historical documents.
  • Games
  • Document analysis
  • Cooperative group work
  • Collaborative brainstorming

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