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Vince Boisselle

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Vince Boisselle

Vince Boisselle is the Colleges Librarian here at Hobart & William Smith. He graduated from a very small college (graduating class of twelve), majoring in philosophy. This has left him with a unique perspective on the small liberal arts experience, and an appreciation for that intimate style of education. He completed his graduate work in library science at the University of Maryland having specialized in library systems. At the dawn of the web, he did early work looking at information seeking in full-text environments and interface design (UI). With over twenty years in the profession, he has experience across the breadth of librarianship. When not being a book nerd, he is often busy in the kitchen trying his hand at new recipes.

Research Interests:
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Information seeking and retrieval behaviors
  • Library design and function
  • Workflow management

Vince is always happy to chat about the Warren Hunting Smith Library, or libraries in general, and would welcome hearing your thoughts about the library.

My Guides

I have not published any guides yet - please check back soon!