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Sara Greenleaf

Interim College Librarian
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Sara Greenleaf
Sara Greenleaf is the Library’s Associate Director and Head of the Collection Services department. She earned her master’s degree in library and information science from the University of Pittsburgh. Sara oversees all of the Library's electronic resources (books, databases, journals, and video) and navigates the nuances of usage, availability, and the larger library industry. She taught library instruction to Media & Society students for over a decade and is adept at scholarly approaches to popular culture research topics. Sara's specialty is genealogical research, which she enjoys teaching on- and off-campus.

Teaching strategies:

Sara enjoys working directly with faculty to craft an instruction session relevant to their goals and objectives for a given course. She believes that research is both an art and a science, but should also be a passion whose pursuit pulls one deeper into a topic or area enjoyably. Sara uses her years of experience as a librarian and genealogical researcher to instruct students in the elements and applications of research.

Approaches she uses and topics she explores in teaching are:

  • Collaborative brainstorming
  • Concept mapping
  • Genealogical research and
  • Historic newspapers
  • Identifying search terms and controlled vocabulary
  • Navigating streaming video
  • Research organization techniques
  • Understanding primary resources
  • Understanding the applications of popular, scholarly, and trade literature.

To discuss integrating research skills into your course or to request instruction, please fill out this form:

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