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Our Mission

The Research Services staff assists the HWS community in the location, use, and understanding of information resources.  It is our aim to assist students in developing independent research skills. 

Research skills are essential for critical and reflective thinking and lifelong learning.  


Approaches to Information Literacy

We align our instruction with the principles identified by the Association of College Libraries as articulated in the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy.  Library instruction is a collaboration between the librarian and the professor and we consider it a privilege to be invited to your class.

Librarians can provide lessons, resources, and instructional design to help students:

  • Develop meaningful research questions and topics
  • Find information on the shelves, in scholarly databases, and on the web
  • Critically evaluate research sources for credibility and authority
  • Identify and interpret primary sources
  • Find and manipulate data
  • Analyze and contextualize media
  • Use information ethically and properly cite sources

For more information about how the Framework is used, please see the toolkit here:


The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy and the Six Major Frames. From: Burress, T., Clark, M., Hernandez, S., & Myhill, N. (2015, June). Wikipedia: Teaching Metaliteracy in the Digital Landscape [poster]. Presented at the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition, San Francisco.

Librarians can tailor a teaching strategy on a spectrum from novice to expert.