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How To: Use, Access, and Download Ebooks


What Ways Can Ebooks Be Used?

There are several ways to access, read, save, print and download ebooks. There may be limits to how long you can access a downloaded book, how many pages you can print, etc.  These limits vary depending on collection, file format, etc.

HINT: Unless you anticipate not having access to wifi, we generally recommend that you read entire ebooks online and save them to an online location for later access. It can be complicated to download and install the necessary software for offline reading of entire ebooks.

If you only need portions of books, it is generally pretty simple to download pages or chapters in PDF files for offline reading.

How Can I Access HWS Ebook Collections?

It depends both on which ebook collection you use and which books within that collection you are using.

Database Read online? Download chapter? Print pages? Download entire book? Save to online account?
Ebook Central yes as .PDF (some limits) yes (some limits) yes (some limits, free extra software often needed) yes (add to "Bookshelf")
JSTOR yes as .PDF (unlimited) yes (unlimited) yes (but only chapter by chapter) yes (save to "Workspace")
EBSCO Ebooks yes as .PDF (some limits) yes (limits) yes (limits, free extra software and account needed) yes (add to EBSCO folder)

Access in Ebook Central

Access in JSTOR

Access in EBSCO Ebooks

Ebook Collections - General

Ebook Collections - Specialized

Ebook Collections - Free