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Genealogical Resources


For genealogical research specific to Geneva, the local area, and New York State, consider the following resources.

Genealogical Records for New York State

Historic Newspapers for New York State

Resources Specific to New York State
General Newspaper Databases That Include New York Newspapers

City Directories for New York State Locations

City directories for Geneva are readily available online. Browse Ancestry's collection of Geneva City Directories by navigating to "Geneva" in the drop down list of city and county locations under New York.

New York State Census

New York was one of many states which, at times, took its own census of population. In additional to looking for people in the U.S. Census, look also in the various state census schedules.

Items in the Library

Geneva Cemeteries

See also the New York State Cemeteries Name/Location Inventory, 1995-1997.