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For the Spring of 2024, the library is offering Mini Golf, Craft Hour, Game Hour, Faculty Workshops, and a series of displays on the second floor. Stay tuned for further details and follow our social media for updates.

1/29  Cross Stitch Bookmark
1/31  Board Games
2/1    Open Educational Resources
2/5    Amigurumi
2/7    Dice and Tile Games
2/12  Embroidery
2/14  Interactive Games
2/15  New York Times Access
2/19  Shrinky Dink
2/21  Card Games
2/23  Mini Golf
2/26  Bob Ross Paint Along
2/28  Board Games
2/29  Adams Matthews Databases
3/4    Friendship Bracelets
3/6    Dice and Tile Games
3/11  Watercolor
3/13  Card Games
3/14  Historical Newspapers
3/25  Acrylic on Acrylic
3/27  Interactive Games
3/28  Data in the Wild
4/1    Mini Book Making
4/3    Dice and Tile Games
4/8    Solar Printing
4/10  Board Games
4/11  Popular Magazine
4/15  Mandala Rocks
4/17  Card Games
4/22 Fairy Terrarium
4/24  Interactive Games
4/29  Stress Dough
5/1    Dealer's Choice Game Day