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Begin Your Research Here: Strategies

Making Appointments

Did you know you can reserve time with one of our research and instruction librarians so they can assist you with your project?

Go to the Research Appointments page to select a date and time for your individualized session.

Getting Started

Do you have a research assignment that you're not quite sure how to begin? Or maybe you've begun researching but aren't sure what to do next? 

Research (as a process) is a continuous loop that can begin just about anywhere.  Let's get started!

But first, make sure to read your syllabus and the assignment prompt carefully so that you understand:

  • Whether this is a group or individual project
  • When the project is due
  • What you will be graded on (especially if there is a rubric)
  • What sources or evidence you are required to provide

Resources in the HWS Library

Find a Research Guide!

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Chat with a Librarian

If you need research help or have a question about the library during normal business hours, try chatting with a Research Librarian (general questions, research questions, library resources) or with the College Archivist (campus and local history, special collections, etc.)