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About the Library


The combined Warren Hunting Smith Library and the Melly Academic Center total approximately 108,000 square feet and have a stack capacity of 500,000 volumes.

The upper floors of the Library provide a variety of seating, including facilities for media viewing, group work, and study areas for students in the Honor’s program.


Rosensweig Learning Commons

The Warren Hunting Smith Library was renovated in the summer of 2008 to include the Rosensweig Learning Commons, with services from the Library, Information Technology Services, the Digital Learning Center and the Center for Teaching and Learning converging to provide a central locus for the scholarly needs of students and faculty.

The Learning Commons includes multiple instruction spaces that provide for the flexible arrangement of people and resources and encourages collaborative learning. Planned events in these spaces must be coordinated in advance with the staff in the Learning Commons. Inquiries regarding Learning Commons’ spaces should be made to the Administrative Staff.


Barron Multimedia Lab (room 120)

This computer lab is known as the William Barron '51 lab as well as the GIS lab and the multi-media lab. During the evening and overnight hours this lab is an open-study lab. On the weekends it is open study 24/7. Around the perimeter of the room there are high table study stations and well as stand up stations along the walls. A printer is also available.


Brackett Clark Lounge

Intended as a silent study area, the lounds has entrances on levels 2 and 3 and features comfortable seating, study tables, and natural light.


Faculty Carrels

Carrels are available for faculty conducting scholarly research and who require ease of access to Library resources. These private carrels, many with windows, are fully wireless and provide secure storage. Guidelines for the assignment of faculty carrels can be found in the Faculty Handbook {link to handbook}.


Honors Carrels

A limited number of carrels are available for use by students in the Honors Program. These areas are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications for a term or an academic year should be made prior to or early in the semester in which space is requested; please request applications at the Circulation Desk. 

Student studying in library