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Working With You

Along with orienting you to the Warren Hunting Smith Library's services and spaces, the librarians are available to:

  • Meet with you to discuss a library instruction session
  • Share teaching strategies we've used in the past
  • Assist in the creation of course-specific research assignments
  • Make suggestions on relevant course-specific library resources 
  • Provide research instruction in-class for your students
  • Create custom course and topic guides

Each session is tailored to your class and your students needs.  If it is convenient to you, we are also happy to come to your classroom or provide instruction virtually or asynchronously.  

Databases as a Teaching Strategy

Many of our databases have built in pathways to teaching with their resources.  These can be called anything from essays, topic guides, lesson plans and timelines to thematic areas, units, case studies, curriculum guides & curated collections. They are meant to illuminate the breadth of resources presented to you. 

ARTstor Example:

> Select ARTstor on the databases A-Z list.
> In the bottom left corner you will find a section devoted to Teaching Resources
> Select Curriculum Guides
> Select Architecture & Built Environment from the list on the left
> Navigate down the list to: Architecture & Urbanism Section 18. The Gothic Cathedral

If you would like assistance with using the library's databases in your teaching, please make an appointment with one of the librarians here.

ACRL Framework for Information Literacy

The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy and the Six Major Frames. From: Burress, T., Clark, M., Hernandez, S., & Myhill, N. (2015, June). Wikipedia: Teaching Metaliteracy in the Digital Landscape [poster]. Presented at the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition, San Francisco.


Librarians can tailor a teaching strategy on a spectrum from novice to expert.